ファミ通(Famitsu) | FAMI通

满分 40 分!(ファミ通历史上第6个满分游戏)
神风长田 比以往作品更壮阔的剧情,配上逐步开放的系统,使整个游戏玩起来极为引人入胜。尤其是一边走地图看风景、一边进行战斗,更是有着让人玩到忘记时间的魅力!作为单人游戏,能把与同伴并肩作战的感觉表现的如此贴切,光实现了这点就让人佩服不已!
奇希岚山 战斗系统会让人联想到‘FFXI’,所以玩惯‘X’以前作品的玩家可能会不太习惯,但追加了AI策略等设计来弥补,所以习惯之后应该不会有什么问题吧。不只是技能,连装备使用都须学习,整体自由度令人佩服。剧情走向虽然很正统,但演出仍然非常出色。
吉池玛莉亚 设计亲切而用心。扎实地将玩家引入剧情,自由度很高,耐玩要素也很够。不需切换画面就能战斗的玩法要花点时间来习惯,但也相当好上手,只是门槛较高,两三下就被全灭的情形并不罕见,千万不可以大意。当然这种刺激感很有趣就是了。
青山画像 充满真实感的画面、看似复杂却又很好上手的系统、足以对应玩家任何玩法的平衡度,不管从哪一方面来看,都没有什么可以挑剔的地方。会让人在不知不觉之间玩的上瘾,一上手就停不下来。就算拿来跟历代‘FF’系列比较,本作应该也算是杰作。

日本ゲーム大賞 2006 (Japan Game Awards : 2006) | 2006年日本游戏大奖

斩获奖项 大赏(最高奖)、优秀赏(优秀奖)
最高奖颁奖理由 シリーズ最高のグラフィックと壮大な世界観。卓越したストーリー展開とシームレスな戦闘シーン。更にはゲーム音楽などを含め、RPGとしての抜群の完成度を誇り、多くのユーザーから「全ての点において最高」との支持を受けての大賞受賞となりました。
优秀奖颁奖理由 シリーズ最高のグラフィックと壮大な世界観。更にはストーリー、ゲーム音楽などを含め、そのクオリティの高さを評価されての受賞となりました。
制作人发言 多くの新要素や新機軸に挑戦した、FFシリーズの中でも意欲作となる今作がこのような賞を頂けることを大変嬉しく思います。これからもこういった挑戦を忘れず作品を制作することで、今作をプレイし、評価してくださったユーザーの方々へお返ししていきたいと思っております。
官方网址 http://awards.cesa.or.jp/2006/





获选 新日本100项入选 (FF12入选当代日本的100项事物 编号18#)
官方网址 http://www.japanesque-modern.org/readingroom/100sen/100sen_products/j018.html


2006年度最佳PS2游戏 (Readers' Choice ! )
评语 As much as we go out of our way to praise novel game concepts and lament the lack of original ideas in video games, we can still recognize outstanding quality when a game like Final Fantasy XII smacks us in the face with it. This is an immaculate game that follows the franchise's classic formula, while taking a number of interesting creative risks that subvert fans' expectations with some satisfying new surprises. Right from the start, the game's fantastic presentation and polished gameplay draw you into the journey of a reluctant boy-hero who falls into a ragtag group of heroes destined to save the world. It's pure Final Fantasy, and the formula is as potent as ever with this latest installment.
官方网址 http://www.gamespot.com/special_features/
提名 Game of the Year
Best Role-playing Game
Best Story


2006年度最佳PS2游戏 、PS2最佳RPG(Readers' Choice ! )
最佳PS2游戏评语 Why It Rocked: It takes a lot of crystals to reinvent a franchise that has been your nest egg for almost 20 years, but that's exactly what Square Enix did with the year's best RPG, Final Fantasy XII. Its combat system, camera placement, character modification, artistic style, and all around presentation were completely revamped; providing a dramatic departure from the formula that made the series so successful in the first place. But, do you know the best news of all? It worked! Risky as it might have been, the changes in Final Fantasy XII make it incredibly appealing. Whether it's the fluid, almost real-time battles and addictive upgrades, or its always-interesting storyline and completely different characters, Ivalice always has a "hook" to grab you. No matter how far or near adventurers may be to its conclusion, FF12 keeps you working, guessing, and playing like few other games on Sony's console. In short, it's the best PS2 game we played in 2006 and one of the strongest titles ever released for the system.
官方网址 http://bestof.ign.com/2006/ps2/39.html
Why It Rocked: What makes a role-playing game what it is? Some say that it's a combination of character development and an extensive plot. Others claim that it's all about item collection and conversations with NPCs. Regardless of which school of thought you subscribe to, one thing is for sure -- Square Enix's Final Fantasy XII is in possession of all those descriptors and more. Set in the war-torn world of Ivalice, Final Fantasy XII was definitely the year's ultimate RPG experience. Bigger and more extensive than its competition, it took six extremely different personalities and challenged them with one important task: to stop the unstoppable. Pitting our heroes against the powerful Archadian Empire, Final Fantasy XII gives players a little bit of everything... fulfilling combat, a cool upgrade system, a powerful narrative, and true artistic panache. Best of all, it plays differently from every other game in the series before it -- truly making it the most unique Final Fantasy adventure since FF Tactics on the original PlayStation. It's a must own.
官方网址 http://bestof.ign.com/2006/ps2/14.html
提名 Best RPG
PS2 Most Innovative Design
PS2 Best Artistic Design
PS2 Best Original Score
PS2 Best Story
PS2 Best Use of Sound


2006年度最佳PS2游戏、PS2最佳RPG(Readers' Choice ! )
评语 Final Fantasy XII stunned us this year not just because of its quality, not just because of the caliber of game that it is, but also because of what it is not. Rather than release a safe, utilitarian epic, Square Enix took huge risks with their -- at least in the US -- flagship franchise. The gaming industry is stagnating, and Final Fantasy XII is a huge step in showing that a massive blockbuster, a huge financial investment, can take big risks and succeed artistically and financially. The most obvious gamble is that there are no random battles in XII, the format of the game's maps neatly mimicking the MMO Final Fantasy XI. If you see an enemy as you guide your party through an area, then that's an enemy you can engage. The second most obvious is the introduction of a gambit system, making it possible to essentially create small blocks of code to control your party members. Despite fears that these two huge departures from a typical Final Fantasy would leave the game little more than a single-player MMO-style game where you didn't even control your characters, the system sings. Tedium like healing after a fight, engaging the enemies of a beginner zone, or smashing through a dungeon is handled automatically (if you want!), leaving you free to appreciate the beauty of the engine and the challenges that arise. It's important to note that FFXII is yet another game that shows that the PS2 hardware has plenty of life left in it. Visually, this is a stunning title, with characters that evoke the best of Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy and a world that just continues to open up as you explore it. Every environment shines visually, and the cutscenes -- both cinematics and in-engine -- are not just prettier, but better directed and voice acted than any we've seen from the developer previously. The look of the game, the presentation of it, is so tied into the new combat system that the whole package feels more complete than previous entries in the series, its parts more organically whole. Some fans find the changes too gross to be acceptable, but at the same time many new fans have come into the fold, creating an audience for the series on the PS3. Final Fantasy XII amazed us by taking a franchise that had helped define the PlayStation brand, retaining the core elements that have made the series great, and then making real changes. Competition for our top PS2 spot was ferocious because Sony's old warhorse has had a phenomenal year, but FFXII ended the fight with our top spot firmly in hand. Part of what marks truly great design is that it provokes responses, and it becomes impossible to ignore what has been done. FFXII is truly one of the great pieces of game design of this generation, and an amazing swan song for the Final Fantasy series on the PS2.
官方网址 http://goty.gamespy.com/2006/ps2/index11.html
评语 Patrick: After all of the controversy with staff changes, the disastrous demo, and my own deep distaste for the changes to the combat system, I was a full-fledged hater by the time I sat down to review Final Fantasy XII. But after the first ten hours, when the new systems and the setting really began to open up, I had to eat crow and admit that the changes were pretty solid and that this was a heck of a Final Fantasy. But after 40 hours, proceeding at a reasonable pace through the title, it was apparent that this was the best RPG I'd ever played on a Sony platform. From the opening moments, the visuals of the game make clear that this is a masterwork, but a challenging one for its creators. Square Enix has created a unique and stunning beauty for the world of Ivalice. Not just for creating a level of visual quality that seems impossible on the PS2, but for its daring and nearly perfect visual design, FFXII towers above other titles. The world of Ivalice is vast, and realized from toe to tip perfectly. It's not often applied to such clearly commercially successful titles, but FFXII is a work of art. From there, the gameplay changes serve not to dumb down the system, or to make it an aping of an MMO, but to reduce monotony to nearly zero as you're free to simply play. Explore, lead your characters into strange lands and encounters, unravel the secrets not just of an Empire but of the very real characters who join your party permanently or in passing -- do what you like. But even if you're a hater now, give FFXII the chance it deserves. Gerald: Final Fantasy VI remains my favorite entry in the series to this day, but Final Fantasy XII makes it really hard for me to keep believing that. For the last few years, I've been primarily playing massively multiplayer online games in my downtime away from work, and for the first time, I've been able to experience a game that perfectly captures what I enjoy about online gaming, seamlessly merged with the greatest aspects of a traditional console RPG. With FFXII I can set up custom AI routines for my party to follow, feel accomplished whenever they grow in power, and explore a massive fantasy world for countless hours while never losing interest. FFXII takes great strides in terms of game design, and role-playing-game developers will look back on this game as a benchmark for years to come. It must be stated that Final Fantasy XII's graphics are just incredible. The quality of the CG is feature-film quality, but the in-game graphics are also beautiful. This will likely be the best-looking game of the last generation, as it stands toe to toe with the greatest games on next-gen systems, both technically and artistically. If you were thinking that your PS2 was already outdated, FFXII will gladly show you otherwise.
官方网址 http://goty.gamespy.com/2006/overall/index12.html